Netbooks pack a punch

Mrs Mario

A recent article on Cnethas confirmed something that has been on my mind recently – that netbooks are still the way forward in portable computing, for me. While the tablet and the pad get all the media frenzy, the dependable netbook continues to deliver something extraordinary.

Just like this article says, the latest ASUS Eee PC, the 1015PEM (mentioned earlier this month), has specifications that outmatch most of those on current laptops! It’s still as effortlessly portable as it should be, but it also has far more in the way of oomph than the pretenders to the throne.

Oh yes, I can see you glaring at the screen. Sorry, but I’m not a fan of the device that’s currently on every second advert because I don’t think it can meet my needs as effectively as this can. For one thing the complete lack of USB is disturbing (sorry about the Star Wars reference).

This particular netbook boasts the new Intel dual-core Atom processor that’s a nice world first for netbooks. ASUS were also the first to market with a product that sported this processor. However, instead of just having a shiny processor and very little else, the 1015PEM has plenty of features.

It’s interesting, actually, to see how netbooks have increasingly become far more feature-rich than ever before. Much of the latest innovations in technology have been slotted straight into the netbook world, making them a sure-fire choice for tech-savvy commuters.

I understand the need for fabulously sexy computing, I do. And while netbooks are sexy in their own special way, they don’t offer the bling that tablets or pads do. However, when you poke under the hood, I find them far more worthy of a heavy cash investment. And I can get it in pink (yay!).

But that’s just me! What do you think? If you had to choose would get all the bells and whistles offered by netbooks like the 1015PEM, or would you grab the glitz and go?

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