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September 14th, 2010 in .Blogs
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I am definitely a gaming geek but I am not a gaming nerd. No, in my head the two are not the same thing. You see, a gaming geek is someone who loves gaming in all its lovely forms (especially on the PC) and will happily pick up a title and play it until it is done.

The gaming geek will probably not get too emotionally involved in a title and tends to move from title to title on a whim. They might have a particular genre preference, but they won’t necessarily be addicted to having the latest, best and greatest titles around.

The gaming nerd, on the other hand, is a fabulous species that I aspire to, but will never become. The gaming nerd knows how to put a PC together blindfolded. They could probably build your PC using nothing but a pencil and mind control, they are that good.

A gaming nerd is “into” a game. They will be the ones who kick butt in online games, who know all the tricks of the trade, who can speak the language of gaming without so much as an urban dictionary to hand. They are the inner circle of the gaming world.

These fabulous humans can also tweak and tune a machine, turning a simple set of technological pieces into a high-speed monster that chews up pixels like nobody’s business. I once tried to get into the absolute inner workings of overclocking and managed to cause a small fire. Now I just watch from the sidelines in awe.

I can’t help it. Some of the people who do overclocking professionally seem to be able to listen to their machines. It’s as if they can tune into the heartbeat of a PC and help it to become so much more.

ASUS totally get this. And their latest endeavour has me wishing that I was not a mere gaming geek, but rather a fully fledged gaming nerd. They are going to be holding an overclocking championship in Duba that will be inviting computer nerds from the UAE, Iran, Egypt, Turkey, South Africa and Australia to push their PCs to the limit and beyond.

This championship is an eight week online competition that will land entrants some impressive prizes and kudos. Can you imagine being able to inspire your PC to such incredible heights and then to emerge as the best of the best in your own country? It must be something that gaming nerds in those countries are simply dying to do.

I am definitely going to be watching the competition online at the ASUS 1156 website. Sorry, that’s the name of the competition – the ASUS 1156 Overclocking Championship. Tell me this isn’t going to be an awesome way to while away the time of a cold winter’s evening?

So, if you happen to be an overclocking genius with your fingers on the pulse of PC power then you should definitely get yourself registered and join in. Some of the prizes are really cool, with a prize being allocated for each of the first, second and third places for each week of the challenge.

There are some mystery challenges taking place on weeks 6 and 7 in the competition and the prizes seem to reflect the difficulty. I am curious to know what they are going to ask of the entrants and can’t wait for it to start.

The countdown has begun – five days to go. I’ll see you at ASUS 1156 fellow gaming geeks and wish all you fabulous gaming nerds a whole bunch of luck.

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