Have I got writer’s Blog and a new dog called a ‘dongle’?

September 19th, 2010 in .Blogs
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Well, it has been an extremely hectic commuter London life and living week – squeezing me and my Asus between odorous armpits on the Silver Link train through Gospel Oak, no excuse for choir singing, and passing through the ersatz countryside of West Hampstead having encountered Finchley and Frognal, again a reminder of birds and amphibians or perhaps a firm of alliterative solicitors. The journey through the arteries and veins of the transport system reminds one more of thrombosis and cholesterol blockages than the true march of red blood through an animate body. Heigh-ho!

Well, tucked under a more respectable armpit, not fetid but fumigated, or slung into small shoulder bag is my extremely useful shield for entering the fray. Not only can I whip it out and remind myself of the lessons I have planned but I can tap away merrily adding my more lucid morning thoughts to last nights ramblings on the Romans, Saxons, Tudors or Nazis. My computer has now acquired its own useful pet, like a small tail hanging from its side but sounding like a dog that is hung from the ceiling…yes, it has acquired a ‘Dongle’ (Hence the telling phrase of gay Paris or a more morbid moment in crime and punishment – ‘Dangle my dongle’….yes, I am actually making this nonsense up and scriptless). This splendid canine appendage is an Asus’ best friend as it allows its virtual barking to call forth the mystical WWW, its cyber-howling at the moon to beckon the Skype at night and its playful panting to insist on the attendance of Yahoo-Hotmail (sounding like some devil may care B movie American actor who has to do pornographic DVDs to keep in the business). This relationship, Asus and Dongle, has also been enormously important as I have just moved home and have no internet server (a reluctant waiter with hair protection) or WiFi (more like SiFi or Sigh-Fie) system formally installed.

A Successful, Useful System

Thank goodness!

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