From My Sick-Bed

June 11th, 2011 in .Blogs .Transformer Summer Blogs
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From my sick-bed

Jessica –

Sorry for the delay in writing a new post, but I have had a heavy schedule recently… the first being the framing and hanging of my latest show of paintings and photographs…then the private viewing and following party, then the open house weekend. All this involved a great deal of budgeting, accounting, organizing, delegating, pricing and numbering and I thought I was going to write to you about how I had managed to integrate my pad into the work process…especially when it came to creating a price list. I imagined that with the photo function and the text program, which I would whizz through a task of work which is often laborious and stressful. The reality was different. In the beginning, with the Asus Eee Pad in my arms as I walked round my show of work, I intended to document each entry, giving it a name and a price…thus creating a pricelist to print out as I went along. The reality was different. I reverted to paper and pen very quickly as I found that the need for scribbling out and alteration, chopping and changing made it much faster and simpler to revert to the old faithful notebook pages. Particularly as alterations are not deletions.

So for a while my pad was put to one side.

Eee Pad Transformer keyboard

Then after the event was over, what a joy! I rather overdid things physically and an old health problem reappeared, which meant that I had to spend the last 10 days laid up. No sitting at my desk top computer for even half an hour. I would have succumbed to a fabulous anti-climax and depression if I had not been accompanied in my state of recline by my beloved pad! Between, emailing, newspaper reading, music, film and chatting online…my days of recuperation have been much enriched by my pad… which I still use without the keyboard…I am really used to typing onto the screen now…and am thoroughly appreciating in my leisure time.

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  • Paul Wilson

    ASUS Transformer – the convalescent’s friend? Hope you’re back on top form soon.

  • Sarah Wallis

    This Eee pad would make a very valuable addition to my daily life, like you i have a busy life and no time for ill health,so i need the best type of pad to assist me in achieving everthing that i need to do

  • Anonymous

    Interesting to hear there’s still a place for notebook and pen – what we need are notes/multimedia apps that can show a history of revisions.

  • Joey Grey

    I totally agree that while there is a (rather large) place for technology, when time is of the essence I always resort back to my faithful mini notepad and pencil.  And I never get over the thrill of opening a new notepad and making my first note in it!  So sentimental :-D

  • Fiona Mary MacLean

    I find it quite difficult to entirely give up pen and paper too.  Interesting that even with this rather wizzy tablet, that doesn’t change

  • Brian Houng

    I want one now!!!


    so jealous been into my local currys , comet , pc world and carphonewharehouse and they never have this sexy tablet instock……….Not that i can afford one at the moment (saving pennies) but id love a little play with one in store

  • Tim Watts

    There’s always going to be time for pen and paper, I find it’s much easier for collecting random thoughts.  The only problem is returning to them later and trying to remember what I meant, maybe an Eee Pad would help with my organisational abilities??!

  • M Carlson

    show me the love…big bucks no whammies just a transformer

  • Anonymous

    a great combination of the old (pen & paper) meeting the new (Eee pad)

  • Carla Knight

    Sorry that you were ill but glad you still managed to stay in touch with the world through your Eee pad, it sounds like a useful item to have when you’re laid up  :) I still love to write and receive handwritten letters…maybe that makes me weird :) So be it.

  • John Sefton

    Wow Wow Wow, A real transformer for big kids. I enjoyed nothing more than playing with Transformer Robots when I was a kid,  wondering what the real functionality would be like and if it was at all possible to make the objects work in real life. This was obviously designed by a group of children from the late 80′s/early 90′s who must have been thinking the same. They have created a design master piece the functionality of a full Laptop, with the complete and fuss free portability and function of a tablet. I was being tempted by an Ipad I am now going to wait and save for one of these bad boys :-)

  • Russell Hide

    hope you feel better now 

  • Noddy’s Mum

    They sound ideal to use in a sick bed. You’d probs be sectioned if you tried to set up your desktop in bed with you but the pad you can get away with. (Now i’m wondering how many people have tried to set up a desktop in bed. Hmmm. 

  • Debbie Dee

    Hope you feel better now…Sounds like you had great company though ;) x

  • Cassandra Fryer

    Nothing like a new toy to numb any illnesses!! Hope you are feeling better now.

  • Anonymous

    Just bringing your article and the one about kid’s education together – there are ill/bed bound kids out there unable to attend school who could probably benefit a lot from a pad, for education, communication and entertainment. I wonder if ASUS would consider donating some pads to initiatives such as postpal? Would be a nice PR move, too!