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Nick Holland

Now that we’ve looked at other exquisite PC mods from around the net – what about ASUS inspired and sponsored ones? 

Well, there were a couple made recently around the Republic of Gamers theme, using sponsored ASUS ENGTX260 Matrix GeForce GTX 260 graphics cards, ASUS Triton 81 CPU coolers and ASUS Rampage II GENE motherboards. 

Firstly, The Rampage by Magnus Persson is an almost entirely black acrylic build with fantastic hand etched ASUS logos on the sides. It has a two tier design with the top showing off the lovely micro ATX ASUS motherboard, graphics and memory, while the power and hard drives are neatly tucked underneath out of view. Internally lit with some red fans and white cathodes behind the smoked plastic, it looks great! 

It’s still a functional and great gaming PC too, because despite being a smaller microATX form factor, the Rampage II GENE has two Nvidia GeForce GTX 260′s in SLI plugged into it! 

The Rampage by Magnus Persson

The Rampage by Magnus Persson

In a similarly titled case, Rampage by Sleepstreamer uses most of the same internal hardware but shows us an alternative school of thought by using aluminum and a few spaces of clear acrylic to show off the insides. The aluminum is given the odd lick of black paint but most of the external faces are left bare with splashes of red acrylic and red lit fans and LEDs as Republic of Gamers-esque highlights. 

Rampage by SleepStreamer

Rampage by SleepStreamer

Instead of hiding the hardware, Sleepstreamer has put it on display – mounting the pair of super-fast Western Digital Raptor hard drives on the backside of the build so they are easily seen. 

In the bottom, at the front he’s even found space to include an ASUS Republic of Gamers OC Station. It features an LCD display and dial that can access the ASUS motherboard and tweak the settings like fan speeds or clock frequencies for overclocking. Very useful! 

If you’ve spotted any other ASUS mods, please let me know in the comments section below!

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