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Technology is constantly evolving. Just look back ten years and compare the features from a laptop then with those from a laptop today. The sheer range of extras versus price alone will make you smile and shake your head. But what about sound? Here are some reasons why you need a laptop or netbook with high quality audio (like the awesome new Bang & Olusen/ASUS collaboration that makes me slightly breathless). 

1. Music.

Nothing says “cool commuter” better than someone who has sorted out their entire music library and has the audio to match. You can listen to the tunes without grimacing at the tinny murder of your eardrums by creaking speakers/audio options. There is no reason not to have your entire music library ready for long commutes or holidays. 

2. Chillax.

I know, many people hate this word. Personally, I love it. It conjures up the perfect Sunday afternoon image. There you are, lying on the grass in the garden, a shaft of sun resting across the grass and the newspaper on your lap. Haunting music playing as you close your eyes and let your mind wander. This fantastic image was brought to you courtesy of high quality mobile sound – see? 

3. Movies on the move.

I don’t have the kind of setup that allows me to watch movies or TV shows while I commute and every time I walk past someone sitting back in their chair, arms behind their heads, and enjoying the show, I feel deeply jealous. There cannot possibly be a better way of unwinding after a long day and sweaty commute on the underground. 

4. Movies on the move (Part 2):

The family holiday. While I am not the proud owner of a sound imbued technical beauty, my partner is, and his owning of such technology has saved our sanity on more than one occasion. With family spread across the globe (and the country) there is a lot of travel in our lives and children don’t particularly enjoy being strapped into planes, trains and automobiles for hours on end without entertainment. Hence the brilliance of good quality sound that will happily rise above the sounds of transportation. 

5. Share memories.

Take your home movies with you wherever you want and listen to them with perfect clarity. This is particularly helpful for those of you with friends and family abroad. Your laptop will travel, the memories and movies will go with you, and the sound won’t let you down.

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