Context based computing — the wave of the future?

January 11th, 2010 in .Blogs .Tech


The era of discovering ways and means to put information on — and pull information from — the internet is well and truly over. The challenge for the tech industry now is to deliver the right information, at the right time, to the right person.

A small number of far-sighted companies have begun taking steps to make it happen. Facebook, for example, has introduced News Feeds which aggregate posts that are deemed the most interesting to specific users. Garmin-Asus has moved the idea significantly forward by designing its smartphones around location based services (LBS), seamlessly weaving location intelligence into all of the phone’s functions and applications so that users will be able to get relevant, personalized and timely information based on their immediate surroundings.

All very impressive. But Waveface — ASUS’ context based vision of computing which it unveiled at CES — takes the “see only what you need, when you need it” concept to a whole new level. The genius behind Waveface lies in its treatment of virtually any phenomenon as a data source. This means that ASUS Waveface products will be able to monitor users’ locations, emotions, movements, and so forth, and serve perfectly-targeted data, news, services and entertainment from the cloud to them. Just like a long-serving butler who can anticipate his employer’s needs — only more precise.

Some have lambasted Waveface as being too far-fetched — too futuristic to be realistic, if you will. But ASUS has made a habit of making the impossible possible. I have a sneaking suspicion it’ll happen sooner than we think.

Read more about the Waveface concept products showcased at CES here.

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