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August 15th, 2010 in .Blogs


Why do we love everyday technological artefacts?

ASUS and techinstyle recently linked up with the University for the Creative Arts (UCA) to support them with their 2010 Film Challenge that was created in honour of Stephen Parker*.

The University for the Creative Arts is one of Europe’s leading arts and design institutions and ASUS was delighted to be able to get involved with the Film Challenge.

The challenge presented the film students with the theme of “Why do we love everyday technological artefacts?” and the final film (including title and credits) had to have a running time of 1-2 mins and be scripted, shot and edited and completed within 4 days.The students creative understanding and interpretation of the theme is of great interest for us all over at techinstyle as we are always interested in creative interpretations about people’s love of technology.

Techinstyle is delighted to present the entries for your enjoyment and to quote ‘for your consideration’.

We would welcome your comments and feedback

And yes, a winner has been selected and they will win an ASUS eeePC but before the formal presentation is made in September please let us know what you think and which one you prefer and why.
And you never know.  If your preferred film differs from the one chosen by the UCA judges then, we might be able to persuade our friends at ASUS to come up with another eeePC.

The Man Who Was 60% Robot
Red Heron
Me Myself & Moo
Do Androids Dream of Electric Fields

*Stephen Parker was a film student at UCA Farnham who sadly passed away suddenly during his 2nd year at the University.  He is sadly missed by students and teachers alike.

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