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The technology you use can say a lot about you so each month I’m interviewing normal people from across the world and asking them how they like their Asus. Emma Kelly is a hot young mum-to-be from Ireland with a sizzling career and PC packed with an Asus motherboard – this is a day in her life…

Age: 29

Occupation: Website Managing Editor

Location: Somewhere in Ireland

Favourite Hobby: Gaming 

Mrs Mario: How often do you use your PC?

Emma: ALL the time. It’s on for about 14 hours a day, with me in front of it for maybe 10 to 12 of those. 

Mrs Mario: How long can you stay away from your PC without suffering from withdrawal?

Emma: Sometimes I can make it a whole 24 hours, but that’s really pushing it. 

Mrs Mario: So…are you a performance junkie or do you not care what’s in your PC, as long as it works?

Emma: A bit of both I think!

Mrs Mario: What’s your favourite game?

Emma: My favourite game right now is Left4Dead2, but my favourite game of all time is the Half Life series. It got me hooked on effpee esses (FPS). 

Mrs Mario: What do you demand from your PC in order to play games?

Emma: I don’t have a really high expectation, but when I invest in a new PC I try to spend a lot initially so I can play up to date games for at least the next two years before I have to worry about performance issues and upgrading again. 

Mrs Mario: You’re expecting a baby soon – when will you introduce her to a PC?

Emma: She’s already been introduced. My unborn daughter has been hearing the sounds of L4D2 through my belly. But seriously, she’ll be introduced from a very early age as both my partner and I are technology addicts. 

Mrs Mario: What do you prefer – PC or console – and why?

Emma: Definitely prefer the PC. You cannot beat the mouse and keyboard control when playing first person shooter games. Having tried Bioshock 2 on the PS3, I wasn’t impressed and failed badly. I guess I just need practise, but the learning curve seems quite steep when I am so used to PC gaming. 

Mrs Mario: Tell me a bit about a day in your PC using life…

Emma: I get up in the morning, turn on my PC and check my emails with breakfast. Then I crack on with my work and somehow the entire day disappears. Sometimes I lose an hour browsing social sites for light-hearted entertainment, like Digg and Reddit. Then in the evening I tend to wind down with a bit of zombie killing. 

Mrs Mario: If you had unlimited budget, what other Asus technology would you buy?

Emma: Probably a graphics card because it would reduce the chance of incompatibilities with my current setup.  


Compucase 8K01 Piano Black Mini-ITX      
Optiarc (Sony/NEC) AD-7590S-01 8x D    
 500 GB Western Digital WD5001AALS C   
Akasa 60mm Amber Case Fan, 3 Pin, 2    
Intel i7 920, D0 SLEBJ S1366, Nehal      
1GB XFX 9400 GT, 800MHz GDDR2, GPU      
92mm Akasa Amber Case Fan, 3 Pin, 2     
Asus P6T Deluxe V2, Intel X58, SLi/      
850W Enermax Revolution85+ PSU, 91%     
Noctua NH-U12P SE1366 Exclusive Dua     
Optiarc (Sony/NEC) AD-7240S-0B 24x       
Silver Bezel for Sony 18A  DVD Writer

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