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Mrs.Mario is a freelance journalist who loves to write about anything and everything. She accidentally fell into the cauldron of technology about eight years ago and has been slowly simmering in there ever since. She’s a geek but still has tons to learn about the wonderful world of technology. She also suffers from a rare disease known as “need to game” that demands it’s sufferers play at least one videogame a week. So far, she’s been coping with her ailment admirably.

Technology lets dad get pregnant Read »

Posted August 19th, 2011 in .Family Tech .News & Events

Can Dad get pregnant? Apparently technology thinks he can give it a try.

Five ways to develop computing skills for Key Stage One Read »

Posted August 18th, 2011 in .Family Tech
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Clever ways to help your child into the National Curriculum at Key Stage 1

How to encourage your child’s learning with technology Read »

Posted August 17th, 2011 in .Family Tech

Parent support and active engagement can help your child’s progress with technology

Children predict the future of technology Read »

Posted August 16th, 2011 in .Family Tech .News & Events
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Children set to predict the future…

ASUS Eee Pad Slider gets official launch site Read »

Posted August 16th, 2011 in .Pads & Slates .Products

The ASUS Eee Pad Slider gets an official page and the specs are finally confirmed

Five ways to save YOUR sanity this summer Read »

Posted August 12th, 2011 in .Family Tech

Five ways your PC can save your sanity this summer. Fact.

The buzz about the Eee PC X101 Read »

Posted August 11th, 2011 in .Laptops & Netbooks .Products

The ASUS Eee PC X101 is a breath of fresh Linux air

Five PC games for preschoolers Read »

Posted August 10th, 2011 in .Family Tech

Five PC games designed for younger kids that will teach, help and inspire

Five of the best website resources for preschoolers Read »

Posted August 8th, 2011 in .Family Tech

Five websites packed with resources to help your teach your preschooler computer control and other essential skills

What the world thinks of the Eee Pad Slider Read »

Posted August 5th, 2011 in .News & Events .Pads & Slates .Products

The ASUS Eee Pad Slider is on its way, will the Eee Pad Transformer tremble in fear?

Teach your preschooler about computers Read »

Posted August 4th, 2011 in .Family Tech

Give your preschooler the educational advantage and teach them to use computers

Augmented reality car windows alleviate child boredom Read »

Posted August 2nd, 2011 in .Family Tech .News & Events

Interactive car windows from Toyota bring the future into the present