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A former tech journalist with a local daily, Hector is an anomaly in the world of tech writers—he’s a skeptic, preferring to ask “Do we really need another (insert gadget here)?” instead of “I gotta have that new toy.” As a result, he often finds himself owning these gadgets only a year after their release. He wishes things were a whole lot simpler, like they were back in the 60s, even though he wasn’t even born then. Perhaps that explains why he’s dressed like the Fonz. Ayyyy!!

EeeKeyboard PC finally breaks cover Read »

Posted April 14th, 2010 in .News & Events
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The debut of the official video promo for the EeeKeyboard PC could be the surest sign of its upcoming release yet.

The smart money’s on the M10 Read »

Posted April 9th, 2010 in .Handhelds & Smartphones .News & Events

Since its launch in February, the Garmin-Asus M10 smartphone is slowly establishing itself as gadget to have…

Confessions of an F1 Twit(ter) Read »

Posted April 8th, 2010 in .Blogs .News & Events

Twitter gives Hector a glimpse of life inside Formula One, and gets addicted to it.

Is Internet access a human right? Read »

Posted April 4th, 2010 in .Blogs .News & Events

A BBC World Service poll revealed that almost 80 percent of believe that internet access is a fundamental right. What do you think?

Touching on the ASUS Eee PC T101MT Read »

Posted April 1st, 2010 in .Blogs .News & Events .Touch Screen Tech

It’s been three months since the Consumer Electronics Show in Vegas where we first laid eyes on the Eee PC T101MT and now we’ve finally got our grubby paws on it.

In light of Earth Hour Read »

Posted March 30th, 2010 in .Green Tech
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Most major cities across the globe were voluntarily plunged into an hour of darkness on Saturday as millions protested against climate change during Earth Hour.

The Joy of Six – ASUS M4 Series motherboards Read »

Posted March 26th, 2010 in .News & Events .PC Components

ASUS M4 Series motherboards are ready for AMD’s six-core Phenom II X6 processors.

Attention early adopters, 3D is here. Read »

Posted March 20th, 2010 in .3D Tech .Technology Features

ASUS has kept mum on the pricing and release dates of its new 3D monitors, and speculation is rife. One wonders how much early adopters will have to pay for this new technology.

Eee’s the one for me Read »

Posted March 14th, 2010 in .Laptops & Netbooks .News & Events .Products

One week after CeBIT, the Tech in Style team takes a look at the initial reactions toward the ASUS Eee PC 1018P.

Try not to read too much into it Read »

Posted March 11th, 2010 in .Blogs

E-readers are all the rage these days, but how do they stack up against the tangible feel of a proper book?

They’re reel(real), I tell ya! Read »

Posted March 4th, 2010 in .ASUS Design .Blogs .Technology Features

The gadgets we see coming out of Hollywood—are we looking at the future or are they just figments of someone’s imagination? It seems we’re closer to reel world technologies than we think.

3D or not 3D? Read »


James Cameron’s live action epic adventure made me sit up and realize that 3D technology has gone beyond the pixels of Pixar Studios, and will inevitably make its way from the big screen to our living rooms. But is 3D TV really the buzz word for 2010?