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The plethora of supremely tasty tech items that have been released by ASUS lately have shown how investment in awesome PC rigs is hardly a thing of the past. And the awesome plethora of equally tasty games to play on the aforementioned PC is just as much of a grinning chesire cat of happy gaming glee. So here are ten games you really need to try in 2013…

1. Tomb Raider

I can testify to the fact that this is one game you have to have in your collection. The gameplay is superb and the blend of violence versus adventure is darn near perfect. This is a title that will grip you from the moment you start playing.

2. Fortnite

What I love about this title, other than the zombies of course, is the quirky cartoonish styling of the graphics. The colours are rich and textured, lending a darkly unreal quality to a title that looks immersive and inventive. It’s definitely on my list…

3. Starforge

Have you played Minecraft yet? I have to confess that I’ve not yet given the addictive title a go because of the fact that it is so addictive.  However, Starforge, with its aliens and guns and building and making, looks too good to avoid.

4. Splinter Cell: Blacklist

I am a huge Sam Fisher fan and have always had a fondness for the gravelly voice acting of Michael Ironside. While I remain extremely unconvinced that the game will be as good without his voice, it puts Sam back in his old sneaky shoes and that may well tip the scales in its favour.

5. Star Trek

As a Trekkie this game is already on my list of things I must buy, along with toothpaste and milk. However, we all know that previous games have been a tad disappointing and left many of us feeling a bit used. Well, this game looks set to kick that to the ground with great previews and critical comments.

6. GTA 5

Yeah, I also think that perhaps this is  franchise that should quietly have a lie down and stay down, but the Grand Theft Auto 5 title is one of the biggest for 2013. Will you take it and add it to your collection?

7. Brothers: A Tale of Two Sons

And stepping away from the guns and mayhem we arrive at a world where two brother seek out a cure for their dying father using emotions and actions to save the day. It has been described by PC Gamer as a game that could “easily shape up to be one of the indie darlings of 2013.”

8. Fables

Perhaps I’ve added this to my top ten list because I have a weakness for both Telltale Games and the world that this game evokes. Either way, expect this to be a title that’s immersive and with its own fair share of jumps and squeaks. If you haven’t played their version of The Walking Dead yet, do it today.

9. SIM City

In spite of the ridiculous DRM that’s left plenty of gamers without access to the game and has alienated even more of those who live in countries that don’t have a reliable internet, this game is a beauty.

10. Plants vs. Zombies 2

Plants attacking zombies in increasingly complicated waves of hilarity and tests of your skills? Perfect.

This is by no means a comprehensive list. There are games coming out that I am desperate to play that haven’t even made an appearance. Still, these are definitely 10 that won’t make you regret spending your money.

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