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ASUS has always worked towards creating cards and solutions that meet the needs of the gamer head on and they are not missing a trick with the upcoming release of the Poseidon card. These images have been shown on the web to all who are keen to drool over their potential and reveal a card that has two fans for cooling demands and plenty of cool features to make it a special purchase for the gamer.

asus poseidon

The Poseidon is likely to be more for the high-end gaming market, for those who really want control over what their various bits of kit can, or cannot, do. In addition to superior cooling features built into the design of the card, there is a pulsating red light and plenty of power.

This new DirectCU H20 card has a hybrird cooler with an integrated water block and a hefty heatsink that is connected to the main block with heatpipes. In addition it has the ASUS DIGI+ VRM with 10-phase design and 10k black capacitors as well as the GPU Tweak feature that gives the user more control over GPU clock and voltage.

It will be officially launching just in time for Christmas so pop this watery gem onto your Christmas list and wait to see what appears under your tree in 24 days time…

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