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So, in a day of cool gizmos being unleashed by the lovely ASUS, I have also discovered the equally lovely NFC Express USB 3.0 NFC receiver. Quite a moniker that one, but this is a very cool device indeed and on a topic close to my heart – NFC.

NFC Express USB 3.0

How can you not love the potential of NFC? The idea of having a world connected in the many ways that were shown off in Minority Report fills me with glee. OK, most of it does that, there are some bits that are really Not Great and I am not happy with NFC chasing through crowded streets while being shot at.

Fortunately this NFC Express device won’t be doing any of that as it just allows you to connect to your NFC-enabled devices without having to use any more cables and wires and whatnot. Just plug it into your USB 3.0 port – yes, you will need one of those – and off you go.

The NFC Express acts has an NFC receiver so you can transfer your data easily between devices and also takes on the role of USB 3.0 hub with two additional USB 3.0 ports built in as standard. Isn’t that clever? Take one and give two back. Very helpful.

The NFC Express kit comes with its very own NFC tag which comes in handy for those of you with Windows 8 on your devices as you can then login without the need for a password. Isn’t technology grand? Anyone who wants this tasty doodad will be able to get one as part of the Z87-Deluxe Dual motherboard (another must-have for anyone who loves components with the latest bits and pieces) or you can buy it separately.

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