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One thing that ASUS is really good at is making sure that their devices are updated to the latest versions of Android as fast as possible. They’ve stuck with this trend as they now release the Android 4.2 Jelly Bean update to the ASUS Transformer AiO PC.

ASUS Transformer AIO

This awesome tablet-slash-PC-slash-anything device was released at Computex last year, so it is almost fitting that, as the next edition of this event rolls into play, this gets revamped and renewed. This gorgeous beast of a machine has Windows 8 as the operating system, a fantastic 10-point touchscreen and plenty of superb features, making it a high-end piece of kit that still sits at the top of its game a year later.

While many other devices still look longingly over at the yummy features and modifications offered by Android 4.2 Jelly Bean, the Transformer AiO sits smugly in its corner, quivering with extras. Now it has multiple user accounts, improved screen interaction and plenty more.

ASUS Transformer AIO

If you want to see if your ASUS Transformer AiO has been granted the update, go through to your Settings and check there to see if it’s ready for you to install. Enjoy!

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