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You buy yourself the latest tablet. You admire its beautiful resolution, how crisp the images, how well it responds to your touch. You restrain yourself from giving it a geeky cuddle, or introducing it to your parents. Then you use it and soon fingerprints appear and, please no, a scratch. To help you keep that screen clean, here are four tips to help you along.


1. Microfiber Cloth

Using just a whisper of water and a clean microfiber cloth you can whisk away the fingerprints in a matter of moments. Just patiently wipe the screen in a circular motion until all the oil and grease have been wiped away. Do not soak the cloth in water, this is a bad idea.

2. Use a screen protector

This is not for everyone, and not hugely helpful when it comes to certain types of screen, but it does make a difference to your screen’s quality and you can scratch it without fear. Although I tend to find that the prints just sit on the protector instead…

3. Screen cleaning kit

If you have the budget, these are mighty fine and dandy. You get the microfiber towel, the cleaning products and the instructions. This kit is ideal for tablets, monitors, mobile phones and TV screens. A nice all rounder.

4. Wash your hands

Most of the residual stuff on your tablet screen is from oily hands so limit their impact by washing them thoroughly, with soap, before you use it.  Obviously you can’t do this all the time, but every little bit helps.

These are not exactly rocket science, I know, but at the moment the development of tablet screens that are less prone to fingerprint smearing is still underway. There are options out there, things that are being tested, but as to when they will become mass market toys, who knows! Still, at least we can rest safe in the knowledge that tablet makers are investigating solutions to the dreaded fingertip…

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