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As Computex roars towards us at the speed of, er, spinning discs, ASUS has snuck another peek of something onto their Google+ page. It’s this rather odd looking device that seems to be more out of a scene from Close Encounters than a technology solution due out in June.

Computex ASUS

What you can see from the picture is a glossy metal surface that’s outlined by a circular edge. The light pulls in towards the ASUS logo and there is absolutely nothing more there to give you an idea as to what it could be.

Some of the comments on the Google+ page are a brilliant read as the readers try to guess what ASUS have in store for Computex 2013. One suggests that ASUS could be building a robot – although I’m not entirely sure what body part is represented by the teaser ad. Could be its washboard abs I suppose?

Other guesses tend to be that it is a DVD player, or a CD player, a gaming seat with electrical controls, or the new Transformer. Actually, most of the readers seem very excited by the idea of a new Transformer boasting all sorts of exciting specifications.

What do you think it could be? I have no idea. Few tablets have circular edges so I think that one of those is out, unless they’ve created a gorgeous compact-styled tablet that fits into the pocket of a handbag. That would be seven shades of awesome.

One thing is for sure, the teasers have got the internet all a-ruffle with the major tech news outlets all posting the pic and debating what they think it could be. We’ll all be finding out soon and, until then, I’m pretty sure ASUS will release another image or two.

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