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Sometimes I think that people come up with long and complicated names for products such as this ASUS Republic of Gamers Mars 760 Dual-GPU graphics card to whittle out the boys and bring in the women (and the men) who can handle the truth. And what is the truth?


Today you will find it inside this glorious gadget, designed to bring power and speed and beauty to your monitor as you game the night away. The RoG Mars 760 has two fused GTX 760 graphics cards on a single PCB. There is 4GB of GDDR5 memory and a dual 256-bit memory interface as well as a 12-phase VRM design.

The card has been developed specifically by the ASUS team to produce 30% less power noise with a noticeable increased efficiency in power of up to 15% and improved durability over the long term. It is cooled using the DirectCU II cooler which has been adapted to handle the cooling demands of both the GPUS built into the device.

ASUS has promised that this ASUS RoG Mars 760 dual GPU graphics card has the capability to outperform such luminaries as the GTX Titan on games such as Bioshock Infinite and Tomb Raider (at percentages of around 39% and 6% faster respectively).


The card is ideal for anyone looking to supercharge their system to handle the Christmas gaming flash flood and, obviously, the epic games due to appear under the Christmas tree this year. I would definitely put it forward if you are thinking of upgrading or boosting, but hold off until the price point is announced later this year.

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