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Nvidia’s new G-Sync technology was recently revealed at an event in Montreal and is, quite simply, a synchronisation technology that aims to destroy all those aspects of monitor pain we hate – lag, screen tearing and stutter.

VG248QE 2

With the refresh rate of the monitor being fixed and the rate at which your graphics card produces video frames being somewhat at odds with one another, the two can fall out of sync and that’s when you get issues. What G-Sync does is control the frame rate instead of the monitor so these are almost completely removed. Those who attended the event saw an immediate difference between monitors that ran the technology and those that did not.

However, as with all good things, there is a catch. You need a monitor with the G-Sync technology built in with its one scaler and high refresh rates of around 144Hz. So ASUS, of course, is on board already with the ASUS VG248QE monitor that features a 24-inch TN panel that’s backlit with W-LED and a resolution of 1920 by 1080. It has the requisite 144Hz refresh rate and a 1ms GTG response time. It is expected to arrive early 2014, so perhaps not so much a Christmas present as a birthday one, and looks set to bring a very beautiful thing to the eyes of the gamers and those who need their visual beauty.

 VG248QE 3

You can find out more as it is announced by the lovely ASUS and you can expect to pay just under £400 in the UK, I think, as the US price is estimated at around $399. Take a look around the ASUS site and see exactly what you can expect from this monster and start saving, it’s worth adding to your kit just for the G-Sync feature alone.

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