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ASUS must be pretty pleased with the fact that they’ve almost swept the board in the Taiwan Excellence Awards this year. Especially considering that this is their home country and it’s always good to win on home turf…

On the 23 April, ASUS received no less than 10 gold awards at the illustrious ceremony. This is impressive stuff and it is, wait for it, the 11th consecutive year that they’ve finished with the most awards. There were 541 winning entries as gold award winners so ASUS’ accomplishment is even more extraordinary in this context.

To win one of these coveted awards, the product nominated needs to go through some rather gruelling tests. It is measured by its design, quality, marketing and more. So the win for ASUS is definitely one that they fought for by delivering a high quality product.

The PadFone 2 was one of the Gold Award winners along with other products such as the HTC One. This is an impressive run for the Taiwanese company and this recognition is well deserved.

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