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The new ASUS RT-N14U is effectively the successor to offerings such as the RT-N12 range, which is a very popular model lineup from ASUS. The N14U changes things considerably, but still goes for the very elegant and sleek black diamond finish. It also opts for strong internal antennas and is marketed as a cloud router. This is due to its support for ASUS AiCloud and multi-functional USB port, which immediately makes it useful as a file and printer server. With AiCloud and USB storage the RT-N14U becomes your own cloud server, accessible from iOS and Android devices wherever Wi-Fi is sold. Or otherwise offered.

So, it looks great, runs fast, and has a price point most people will find quite attractive. Check with your local retailer, they may have specials going on.

All the major features highlighted on the front of the box

And explained in more detail on the back

Out of the box with the protective film still on

Very nice deep gloss black diamond finish makes an impression

All the ports you need, really, especially USB

Accessories, including the triangular stand

The sturdy stand allows you to choose between horizontal and vertical placement, once more combining style and convenience. Honestly, the more I look at the RT-N14U I wish I’d waited and gotten it instead. I prefer internal antennas as they’re neater and this design is really attractive.

So there you have it. Recommendation? If indeed you’re in the market for a new router, the RT-N14U is definitely in the sweet spot. With cool looks, easy setup, and cloud readiness, it does live up to its complete networking pledge.


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