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I sometimes think that the monitor is one of the most underrated pieces of tech. They’re like the mouse or the keyboard – everybody needs one, but few people really care how shiny it is. Thing is, if you do care and you do invest in a beautiful piece of kit, then you will reap the rewards every, single day. From the quality of the colour, to the ability to work with variable light conditions, the right monitor can ease eye strain and be used across both work and play.

The ASUS VX279H monitor offers 27 inches of lovely LCD glory and includes some sterling features that will make your use of this device into an absolute pleasure. This freshly minted monitor has an AH-IPS panel with a backlight and 1920×1080 full high-definition resolution. The contrast ratio is a tasty 1000:1 and the response time sits at 5ms – fast and bright and crisp, brilliant for anyone’s eyes.

You will also find two built-in speakers on the VX279H, and decent connectivity options should you wish to attach an alternative audio source. The two HDMI/MHL ports and single D-Sub port are testament to that fact.

What stands out for me on this ASUS monitor is the design. The complete lack of a clunky frame makes it really gorgeous to look at, no chunky sides on this tech. It’s also 17.5mm thin, which is impressive in itself, and the viewing angle you can pull is 178 degrees on both the horizontal and the vertical. If you are looking to revamp your office or home gaming centre, then you can’t really go far wrong with the ASUS VX279H.

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