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I sometimes get quite annoyed by the consumer pursuit of pretty. Sure, ASUS have a huge focus on design and looks, but they also focus on quality. While I am the first to admire a good looking piece of kit, I always buy based on what it can do. Much of my gadget cave is packed with things that are downright ugly, but boy, can they do amazing things.


You’re probably wondering where I am going with this rambling about beauty and it is down the path of the ASUS ET2220IUTI All-in-One PC. While certainly not the ugliest boy at the ball, the ASUS ET2220IUTI All-in-One PC is not a thin, swirly machine that elicits gasps of optical awe. However, it does make the computing world go around just that little bit faster because it has so many features you could swim in them if they were water.

Ok, enough of the daft analogies…

The ASUS ET2220IUTI All-in-One PC runs Windows 8 Pro (although you do have other versions if you prefer) on a 21.5inch screen with 10-point multi-touch and full HD at 1920×1080 on a backlit LED display. The touch experience is sublime, it is clear that ASUS has done a lot of work here, and the power is not to be sneezed at either.

In terms of a PC to be placed in the bedroom or lounge or study, this one is a winner. You get a bright and vivid colour representation on the spacious screen, the touchscreen element is very responsive, and the sound quality is superb. You can really hear what’s going on, even with noice in the background.

The ASUS ET2220IUTI All-in-One PC offers plenty of connectivity options, a Blu-ray drive and, wait for it, you can actually GAME on it. No, it isn’t going to be what you’d get from an Uber Rig Of Doom, but, honestly, this is perfect for fun family gaming or light gaming and enjoying your favourite MMORPG.

The third generation Intel Core processor with Intel Turbo Boost and the Nvidia GeForce graphics processor all team up to deliver a smooth computing experience. The ASUS ET2220IUTI All-in-One PC is definitely one to look out for…

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