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It reminds of me the Borg Cube. It can assimilate your LCD/LED TV into the Android ecosystem, upgrade its intelligence and connect it to the collective called the Internet, and give you access to thousands of Android applications and games.

And yes, resistance is futile.

Unveiled at the recently concluded Consumer Electronics Show (CES) in Las Vegas, the ASUS Qube is a Google TV device that converts your HDTV into an entertainment centre. But what makes the Qube super cool, is that not only does it look like a miniature version of the alien spaceship from Star Trek, it brings you one step closer to it.

Measuring 12.5 cm on all  sides, the Qube connects the HDTV, the cable box, and the Internet. Its key features include a smooth user interface that overlays the TV/Internet, voice enabled search, motion control, and a unique dual-sided remote control. The device also includes 50GB of cloud storage space on the ASUS WebStorage service.

Using the voice search, you can just say the name of the show or movie you want to see, an the Qube will go straight to Google Play or Netflix to find it for you. If the show is on-air, it will directly take you to the channel playing it. It will even bring up information on your favourite shows and movies and recommend similar ones that you might like, with the option to play them right away – just like the Enterprise’s computer!

The remote control further adds to the experience. Not only does it have the usual navigation buttons but also a touchpad that allows swiping gestures to navigate through menus, as well as a mouse cursor on the screen. Flip it over, and you are face to face with a compact QWERTY keyboard that can be used to write e-mails or chat.

Now doesn’t that sound somewhat like a Tricorder?

And finally, let us not forget the Holodeck.

The Qube comes with motion sensors and the remote contains a gyroscope. With Android running under the hood, it means that you download and play games from Google Play, using the HDTV as the display and the remote as the control. In other words, Holodeck version 0.1.

Star Trek was first aired in 1966. In less than 50-years, science fiction has almost become science fact in a 12.5×12.5×12.5 cm cube.

Super cool!

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