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ASUS has just announced the launch of the N Series notebooks that boast a Quad-Speaker array. Er, what? Wait, I will explain, but it is really cool.

The N Series laptops have undergone some design changes so they look different from their predecessors and  boast the very latest in features and components. Sleek and elegant with a lightweight auiminium shell the new generation has something rather special in store for users.

ASUS N Series with Quad Speaker Array

You will find within the bowels of your new N Series notebook a 4th generation Intel Core processor holding hands surreptitiously with the SonicMaster Premium audio. Together they deliver speed and sound. Yes, a lot like that song by  Coldplay only this will last longer and you won’t only know one line that will repeat itself over and over again in your mind.

Moving on…

The SonicMaster Premium audio has the quad-speaker array vibe going on and this is, essentially, the first ever notebook with four speakers and capable of astonishing cinema-quality surround sound. On a laptop. I know, that’s cool right? I certainly think so. My laptop has appalling sound and it really frustrates me when I want to work and listen to music and all I get is tinny noise. So this new quad-speaker array from ASUS is a stroke of genius in my books.

N Series notebooks that boast Quad-Speaker array

The N550 and N750 models will boast the new four-speaker array and the external SonicMaster subwoofer will improve bass output and deliver those essential deep notes that music lovers will appreciate. This level of sound quality also means you can enjoy movies and games far more than with the shocking levels usually offered by laptops.

It isn’t just about the sound, though, you will also get a Nvidia GeForce gaming grade GPU that supports DirectX 11 gaming and the ASUS Super Hybrid Engine II management technology for battery life and instant-on features. You also get superb heat management and control with ASUS’ trademark focus on design and quality in this arena and gorgeous IPS non-reflective displays that work seamlessly with Windows 8. It is, as you can imagine, quite exciting news for anyone in the market for a new laptop right now.

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