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Very rarely do you find a laptop that covers all the bases. They usually specialise in something, and quite rightly too, we all like to own a gadget that does something particularly well. However, with the ASUS X501A-XX402H you get a laptop that gets all the basics down pat and delivers a seamless performance that suits all types.

The ASUS X501A-XX402H

With this particular laptop you’re not looking at a huge expense when you first fork out the pounds. It’s been neatly placed into a more budget-friendly category and so it doesn’t come with the kind of bells and whistles that you could expect from the upper edges of the laptop market. That said, it does come with a sturdy and robust construction, a relatively powerful processor and the ability to handle the work thrown at it without slowing down noticeably. Obviously this excludes gaming.

The ASUS X501A-XX402H Windows 8 included, 4GB DDR3, a 15.6inch LCD screen, Altec Lansing speakers, a 15-month trial with McAfee Security and a decent battery life of around 4+ hours. Also included are a wealth of connectivity options that include HDMI, VGA, mic, headphone jack and SD/SDHC slot.

While not for someone who wants the ultimate in high speed computing performance on a glossy super screen, the ASUS X501A-XX402H is ideal for anyone who wants a strong workhorse that won’t collapse under pressure. Processing power is decent, the screen bright and colours crisp, and the included software is up to date and getting some great reviews.

I would recommend this for a student, a work from home situation, and even a first time commuter looking for a decent laptop that won’t break their shoulder (it weighs in at about 2.1kgs).

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