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2012 was a great year. Not only did the world not come to an end as predicted by a long lost civilization, we also witnessed the birth of a new Windows ecosystem which paved the way for products like the exciting ASUS VivoTab RT.

But 2013 will be even better. Ever since the launch of the VivoTab, we have been trawling the Windows Store for new apps that will enhance the experience. Check it out.

FreshPaint: What makes this finger painting app more than worth its download time, is that it allows you to spend time with your kids, doing what they enjoy doing – doodling, but without dirtying the walls. Published by Microsoft, this free app simulates four different brushes on a textured canvas, making it appear as you’re oil painting. You can even import photographs and work on it with your fingers or the stylus.

Finance Helper: The Finance Helper is one of the most useful apps on our list. A free budget and bill tracking app, the user-friendly Finance Helper comes with a set of live tiles that shows the past due amounts. The app tracks budgets on a monthly basis and can help predict shortfalls. The app also includes a loan payment calculator with amortization schedule generator.

Zamora Time: This is perhaps the best app for those who have time management issues. Zamora Time is based on a time management method called the Pomodoro Technique®. The technique breaks down periods of work into 25 minute blocks with a 5 minute interval in between. The app features To Do Today and Inventory Tasks, and will track work interruptions and notify users when to take breaks or resume tasks.

OneNote: As the second free Microsoft app in our list, OneNote is an information gathering and multi-user collaboration app. Available across PCs, phones and tablets, it allows users to save, organize, share and search information to and through the cloud. This includes not only text, but even multimedia files such as drawings and photos and videos captured through the VivoTab’s camera.

News Bento: Finally with so much information to consume on the Internet, we cannot do without a feed aggregator such as News Bento. Endowed with an elegant white-and-blue UI, it seamlessly blends in with Windows RT, and expands selected articles to fill the screen in a newspaper-like fashion. What helps keep the information clutter under control is its relatively modest selection of news sources, while allowing users to subscribe to other RSS feeds.

Any app recommendations from your list?



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