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Fancy winning something rather wonderful courtesy of ASUS? Well, it isn’t going to be as hard as you may think. To enter you need to get creative and put your spin on the theme of Gold. You can put this in, on or around your ASUS gear to qualify for entry into the competition and the more extravagant your interpretation of this idea, the better it will be for you!

The competition is running from 09 October 2013 to November 13 2013 and to enter you need only do a few things. First, log into the Republic of Gamers site forum and then upload a link to your picture to the thread linked to above. You can use links from sites like Instagram, Flickr and other such gems, all are acceptable.

Your photo must feature an ASUS product and it must be in a setting that shows off your creativity and passion for Gold. You don’t need to use real gold, of course, but it needs to be sparkly. You also need to hold copyright on the image that you use.

So, are you wondering what it is that you can win with all this awesome? Well ASUS is giving away an ASUS Z87-Pro motherboard with NFC express to every prize winner and there is one competition a week. You will find out if you have won on the Monday of each week.

What are you waiting for? Go and dip your ASUS kit in some gold bling, heck, dip yourself in gold bling (although don’t go as far as 007 villians, of course) and drape yourself around your kit. It is all about being fun and having fun with the theme of Gold.

You can take a peek at some of the ideas already out there by scrolling down the page. I’ve already got my favourite, you?

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