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ASUS has always managed to deliver really good all-in-one PC solutions to market. And I have always had a soft spot for these devices because of their very ubiquitous and flexible nature. You can stick it in the lounge as a media centre, music station and work horse. It can go in the bedroom as a TV-slash-home PC and media centre. So on, and so forth.

So yes, I really like the concept of the all-in-one PC and have enjoyed playing around with some of the models released last year. This year ASUS has launched not one, but two, new touch-based all-in-one PCs – the ASUS ET2220INTI and the ASUS ET20131GTI.


The ASUS ET20131GTI has a very nice set of specs indeed. If you decide to buy this beauty you’ll get Windows 7 pro, a 20inch WLED screen, Intel Core processor third generation, multi-touch support, AMD Radeon HD7470M 1GB graphics, 500GB up to 1TB SATA hard drive, 64GB SSD, Wi-Fi support, optical drive with Blu-ray combo, plenty of connectivity, a 3-in-1 card reader, and all weighing in at 6.5kgs.

The ET220INTI has Windows 8 Pro, a 21.5inch screen with 10-point multi-touch and full HD at 1920×1080 for HD media playback. The touch experienced is optimised for seamless control, the third generation Intel Core processor has Intel Turbo Boost for superb performance, ASUS SonicMaster Technology delivers crisp and bright sound, and USB 3.0 ensures super fast data transfer speeds. As you can see, of the two all-in-one PCs, this is the grand high llama.


The ASUS ET2220INTI has all the connectivity you could wish for along with the Blu-ray disc combo, Wi-Fi, a built-in two megapixel camera, a card reader, and accessories like a keyboard, mouse, and wall mount screws. Some of the latter are optional.

These are really superb for adding extra tech to your home or office without it becoming too cluttered and still offering all the right levels of connectivity and performance that you need for work and play. I know which one I’d like to own, which one is your favourite?

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