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It has to be done, a story on tech for Valentine’s Day that gives you ten sweet tips on how to say “I love you” with a geeky twist. Are you ready?

ASUS Nexus 7 dock

10. A Nexus 7

This is still one of the coolest toys in the world and any gal would be delighted to get herself an ASUS Nexus 7 on Valentine’s Day. This 7inch beauty offers portable entertainment and connectivity in a small, light package, perfect for the purse.

09. The Padfone 2

He would appreciate it. He really would. This is a tablet! This is a phone! It’s a twofer that does more than just  look good, it’s also packed with tons of features and power to make it a worthy toy for the gadget lover.

08. ASUS VivoTab

Whether you go for the ASUS VivoTab RT or the two other flavours of ASUS VivoTab, you have here a fabulous tablet and laptop blend with the Microsoft Windows 8 operating system holding it up nicely. The screen is responsive, the specs really good and it is a great gift for a guy or gal.

07. ASUS UX21E

Even the tagline is a Valentine’s Day special – do you believe in love at first sight? The ASUS Zenbook UX21E is powerful, thin, light, beautiful, feature-rich and fun. This offers the best in tech and is one of the tastiest ultrabooks on the market. Yes, she will love it. Thanks!

06. TUF

This range is for the hardcore gamer in your life. He or she will really love the fact that these are designed to be military-grade components with all the appropriate strength, power and features. Gorgeous and absolutely perfect.

05. ASUS Taichi

Not only did this hybrid device win awards at the CES Innovations Awards, but it is rather dreamy. On one screen you can touch and type and work like a tablet, while the other works with the keyboard for that brilliant laptop feeling. How can she resist?

04. All-in-One PC

She will like this and it could turn your non-geek gal into a gadget loving lady. The ASUS range of AIO All-in-one PCs offer gorgeous colours, TV connectivity, multimedia functionality and plenty more – all in one chic device that looks great in any room of the house.

03. Limited Edition RoG Ares II

Boasting a Hybrid Thermal Design along with overclocking and heat control features of award-winning standards, this RoG graphics card is one of the fastest around. Have a gamer as the love of your life? They will not stop saying thanks…

02. ASUS Transformer

Yes, this tablet is my favourite and the reason why? It’s because not only does it run Android (and ASUS updates the OS really efficiently) but you can boost battery life with the keyboard and it has, well, a keyboard dock so you can snap it shut and keep it safe. A gift for anyone who likes to work and play on the go.

01. A gift voucher

Yes, how about the number one gift of love this Valentine’s Day is a nice little packet of money for your special someone to spend on the ASUS toy of their choice…

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