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ASUS is not waiting around for the world to rise from its somnolent Christmas state before diving into the wonders of 2014. Oh no. Already the technology giant is posting out pictures and invites to the tech media and teasing them with the Incredible concept for CES 2014.

asus ces 2014

The invitation whispers, teasingly, that the ASUS press conference, scheduled for 06 January 2014 in Las Vegas, will reveal their very latest in innovations and design. They are talking of the search for Incredible and how their reveal has been designed for every aspect of the modern digital lifestyle.

This press event is scheduled the day before CES 2014 kicks into high gear on January 07 2014 and it seems that ASUS is keen to ensure that they have all those journalists ready and waiting at their front door. It’s going to be really interesting to see what ASUS has in store for us next year, especially if they are holding their press conference before the great, big show even opens its door.

Will this herald the arrival of another Transformer, possibly one that can open doors and activate the coffee machine? Or will this see us uncover an entirely new device that nobody has conceived of and now suddenly really needs? Certainly the Padfone (now in mini format) was one such device to fit into the latter mould and was met with critical concern. Today it is an extremely popular part of the ASUS product line-up and one that has set new paths into consumer technology.

What is sure, is that ASUS has repeatedly surprised with their solutions and it is unlikely that this trend will stop anytime soon. See you closer to CES!

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