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When you appreciate a good motherboard it is hard not to get excited about developments in the industry, especially from the master of motherboards – ASUS. They have been releasing sneaky little teaser images of a series of products due for release later this year.

The Intel Ivy bridge successor is the 22nm Haswell line and many of the products hinted at by ASUS are designed to work with this new line. These are exciting times for gamers and lovers of tech and I love the little message that came with the pics, sort of like the gift card with the presents.

“There’s more than just a new socket. Intel 4th Generation Core CPUs. And a new z87 chipset. Prepare your upgrades for mid 2013.”

I have popped the images below for you to dribble over with glee. What do you think?

ASUS teaser Haswell

ASUS Haswell

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