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It’s funny, the moment you tack the word ‘mini’ onto the end of a device name it shifts from being useful and geeky to awesome and funky. The ASUS Padfone Mini is no exception and the way it looks means it has the potential to give the market more than a little bit of a shake. You can see the full video below, but here are some of the highlights.

asus padfone mini

The ASUS Padfone Mini is compact and portable with the smartphone slipping neatly into the rear of the device that is now a mere 7inch tablet. The tablet dock plays host to the stunning 4.3inch phone which slots perfectly into the back and allows a single data usage plan across both gadgets. As with their innovative Transformer range, the charging capabilities are cleverly built into the dock and the phone so you can keep the battery going as, well, you go.

The specs include a quad-core 1.4GHZ Snapdragon 400 central processing unit with 1GB of RAM and a microUSB slot that can add on to the already included 16GB of built-in storage space. There is an eight megapixel camera with ASUS PixelMaster technology for superb image quality and the ability to cope with poor light situations.

The operating system lurking behind the scenes is Android 4.3 Jelly Bean and you are pretty much guaranteed that it will be regularly updated as ASUS have always managed to be among the first to keep their OS up to date.

The large form factor of the ASUS Padfone was originally an issue for many as they felt it too bulky for the average user. It’s popularity took many by surprise and this latest incarnation looks set to impress as it is small enough to slip neatly into a back pocket or handbag without mess or fuss.

The ASUS Padfone Mini is a neat, portable and very sexy device that may well see a huge sales run over Christmas.

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