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We had a preview of Xonar U7 last month and now the sample has arrived on my desk and here we have the quick unboxing pics. To recap, Xonar U7 is quite nifty if you want a boost to your audio, especially personal sound via headphones. It connects to your PC by way of USB, so that’s easy, and has 7.1-channel surround and clean 114dB SNR output. Dolby Home Theater v4 is included plus powerfully consistent headphone amplification.

Xonar U7 is an instant upgrade from onboard audio which is useful for desktops and laptops, though the latter may benefit from it even more due to its compact size. This makes it very portable. Anyone who wants better sound, but simply doesn’t have a spare expansion slot in their desktop or is using a laptop PC, will be well advised to look at (and listen to) the delectable U7. I mean, just check out that super-accessible volume wheel!

Onwards to the photos!

Stylish and informative Xonar Series packaging.

Detailed product info on the back of the box.

And specs on the side.

That’s…a lot of languages!

Helpful pull out tab for easier unpacking.

Examining the elegant interior of the box.

Xonar U7 itself, compact with a grain-textured plastic shell. Footprint-wise it’s not much different from your average modern smartphone.

Front panel headphone and microphone connectors, plus dedicated microphone volume rocker.

Back panel connectors – quite extensive for the compact form factor.

Let’s not forget the accessories, which include a USB cable and TOSLINK adapter.

If you’re in need of better sound for games, movies, music et al but prefer something more flexible than an internal soundcard, Xonar U7 – that’s the one to think about.

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