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The ASUS X401A laptop may not be dominating the headlines like its splashier cousins – the Zenbook or the ASUS Taichi – but it is enough of a workhorse with enough features to make it something worth talking about. What you have here is a cost-effective, light, and technology-rich device that fits the affordable and portable niche with ease.


Offering up the Windows 7 operating system, 2GB of internal memory and an Intel Core i3 processor, it is quick and spicy. You won’t find a noticeable lag if you’re running several windows open at the same time and documents and presentations run smoothly.

The screen is 14inches and the hard drive is 320GB – enough storage for the corporate traveller or cost-wary student. And it is the student market that would benefit from the ASUS X401A as its price, size and weight make it an ideal spot for their needs. It can fit comfortably into a standard laptop bag and handle being toted from room to room, class to class.

It is smart, light and offers up plenty of power, especially for this price point. I really like the ASUS X401A and think it is worth looking at if you need affordable computing power without compromise. You also get the two second instant on feature – a must for lectures – and 14-days of standby – a must for forgetful students.

The ASUS X401A also has SonicMaster Lite for great quality sound, students can transform their dorm rooms into a musical haven at night, and there’s the advantage of high transfer speeds with USB 3.0, ideal for sharing files and study materials on the go.

It also comes in four different colours to match different personalities.

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