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I am one of those people who enjoys watching technical videos about how products work. There’s something very satisfying about seeing a product in action and being shown off by someone who is passionate about it, and who understands it completely. This is, of course, ignoring those technical videos which don’t tick those boxes…

This latest video from ASUS sees them demonstrating how their CoolTech fan distributes the air more efficiently. This tech is part of the GTX 670 graphics card that was announced last week and that’s small form factor with plenty of punch and high cooling demands.

The new ASUS CoolTech fan has two types of blade – the inner radial blower and the outer curved – which improve performance dramatically. You can see this in a practical demonstration where a traditional fan and the CoolTech are placed alongside one another surrounded by grains of rice. Watch and see what happens to the rice surrounding the traditional fan.

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