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Do you want DX11 performance in new games? You want it in decent detail, and you want to reap the benefits of efficient 28nm GPU technology? Are you controlling your budget for a new build or simply want to use a lower-cost and lower-wattage power supply, whether for an existing PC or a new one?

Big or small, all ASUS graphics cards ship in the same cool box design

Let’s face the truth here. Getting the best is amazing, but not all of us can afford or want something that needs a 1kW power supply for starters.

Feature highlights in detail on the box

That’s where the GTX 650-E comes in. A redesigned version of previous GTX 650 offerings from ASUS, this card shrinks down the PCB some, ships with up to 2GB GDDR5, and has no dedicated power connectors at all. That means it’s entirely driven via the PCI Express slot directly from the motherboard. It may not be top of the line power and it may not be able to run Far Cry 3 in ultra, but it will do the job just fine for those who want an excellent performance to cost ratio with the ease of unpacking the part and inserting it to an available PCI Express 3.0/2.0 slot.

All wrapped up and plenty places to go

Naturally ASUS didn’t stop at making the card simple to upgrade: they loaded it with the usual assortment of goodies that make ASUS graphics parts the most reliable, stable, and long-lived. Super Alloy Power components feature solid state capacitors rated for 50,000 hours, there’s a dust-repellant fan that can extend the card’s lifespan by 25% compared to reference, and let’s not forget venerable GPU Tweak. This easy to use utility has you modifying clock speeds and fan performance so you can readily discover any hidden potential the GTX 650-E holds within.

Out in the open with a classic red and black color scheme

Even the unboxing took minutes because this card is designed for direct efficiency and quick setup, giving you one of the easiest upgrade options available if you want to move up to 1080p gaming and multimedia. For anyone on the fence regarding a new graphics card that gets the job done simply and neatly, this is a wonderful option.

Rear I/O showcases HDMI, VGA, and DVI

You can read the official news release from ASUS with specs right here.

Close up on the dust-proof fan


And the front of the card


well, there really aren't any power connectors here!


Looking at the PCB's underside



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