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That may be, I think, the longest heading I’ve ever written for these blog posts, but it does get to the point pretty sharpish. And that is – lekiosk has joined ASUS on the ASUS@vibe+ content platform to deliver their digital magazines newsstand.

ASUS Transformer Infinity

This partnership will see a ton of fantastic titles made available to ASUS tablet users including magazines in French, Italian and English. You will be able to access lekiosk on the Nexus 7, Transformer Pad Infinity, the Transformer TF300 and the MeMo Pad although only in the UK, France and Italy (as the language of the titles suggests), with no plans to move out towards the US or Africa as yet.

The deal is something of a win for both parties, giving ASUS the opportunity to build on their ASUS@vibe+ offering and lekiosk access to a huge market of readers and digital magazine lovers. While I remain somewhat unimpressed with digital magazines – their format remains clumsy – this is still a hugely interesting feature. Who wouldn’t want to download a new magazine at the drop of a bored-and-stuck-on-the-train rut?

ASUS Lekiosk

The lekiosk app has a great reputation and is one of the most popular of its kind in France, and it delivers a newsstand experience to ASUS without the latter having to do the content deal legwork. The deal also means that ASUS is able to offer its users a rich experience that will distinguish them from the crowd and put their Android devices one step ahead of the competition. Certainly the lush screen of the Transformer series, especially the Infinity, will be perfect for viewing the latest publications.

ASUS freshly manufactured and polished ASUS@vibe+ is a richer experience with far more applications than the original ASUS@vibe and this agreement shows that they are likely going to be putting as much content on there as possible.

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