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The Orion for consoles headset designed and devised by ASUS has slipped into a market that sorely needs that little something extra when gaming on the old block and squares. Yes, I think that consoles could do a bit more towards pretty, just like the PC. Moving on…

asus orion

This is a cross-platform gaming headset that is compatible with the Xbox 360, Playstation 3 and Mac computers as well as the PC. It cuts out environmental noise with its aptly named Environmental Noise Cancellation (ENC) technology down to a level of 90% of external noise disturbances for clear-in game voice responses and listening. It makes a big difference to the experience.

The amplifier is integrated into the headphone to deliver a punchy bass as well as crisp high notes, making the gaming experience one to really appreciate. You will also find true to life game audio detail thanks to the 50mm neodymium magnet drives and total comfort within the folds of the gorgeous 100mm over-ear cushions.

When you game for a long time your headset really has to be comfy, and the Orion for Consoles is designed to be just that. The huge side pads go a long way towards cushioning your jugs while also helping to cut out residual external noise. The headphones work straight from the box, no drivers are necessary, and the controller offers complete handling over ENC noise detection, game audio volume, headphone AMP and input selection. The noise isolation is effective to 30dB which is impressive, and awesome for those tricky fights.

The Orion for Console gaming headset also comes with a retractable microphone with inline volume controls. It’s a beauty and may just be what that special gamer would like to see slipped under their Christmas tree this month…

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