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Behold the new GeForce GTX 770 DirectCU II from ASUS, which arrived on my desk a few days back. This is a wolf and it’s not even bothering with the sheep’s clothing. In fact, what it does wear with pride is a new DirectCU cooler, which has custom-formed heatpipes that snake inside the shroud to offer around twice the cooling efficiency of previous DirectCU designs, without calling for an increase in shroud size. ASUS dubbed this design SSU, and of course you can expect the same cool and quiet performance all DirectCU graphics cards are known for.

With 1536 CUDA cores, the 770 is definitely upper range and will easily blast through any game your throw at it in resolutions beyond 1080p. It has 2GB GDDR5 clocked at an amazing 7010MHz, the memory interface is 256-bit and the core comes factory overclocked, going up to 1010MHz in max boost. This is helped by NVIDIA GPU Boost 2.0 technology, but ASUS cooling means the card will run stable even if you push it further. You ca,n of course, use GPU Tweak to help you with tha, and there are Super Alloy Power component that are far more resilient than your stock power delivery parts. They enable more stability and a longer-lasting graphics card that you can depend on. Also, although you need a 6-pin and an 8-pin connector to run the 770, this card isn’t an energy hog thanks to the latest NVIDIA 28nm GPU technology. The TDP is quite modest, so there’s no need to go out and buy a mega PSU.

First off the box, which once again has the slash marks and lime green elements ASUS has been using on their NVIDIA-based graphics card for a while now:





If you order the card online, fret no more: ASUS puts much thought into packaging and that foam is really sturdy, take my word for it.



The same stylish DirectCU look and naturally carefully-selected fans that run much quieter than generics. And look at those heatpipes!    They put the fear in heat and your games in gear.




For inputs there’s everything you need: dual DVI, HDMI, and DisplayPort. And don’t forget the massive vented backplate which adds to card strength and improves underside cooling.



You can get the ASUS GeForce GTX 770 DirectCU II right now. Just check your favorite retailer, and prepare to be amazed.



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