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First came the GTX 650, an entry-level graphics card in the gaming/multimedia segment. This was improved on with the GTX 650 Ti and now we have the GTX 650 Ti BOOST which uses a more capable GPU plus a 192-bit memory interface. The ASUS version, the GeForce GTX 650 Ti BOOST DirectCU II, enhances everything even further with exclusive cooling, hardened power delivery components and easy overclocking. If you’re building a PC and want to keep the budget under control, then the sweet spot for graphics is now wider and extends to products even more affordable than the GTX 660.

So, let’s take a look at some pics:

First look at the box, anticipating all the graphics goodness within. Note the OC edition emblem and other feature highlights.

The packaging from different angles, showing you all the pertinent information you need to know about the card.

As with every ASUS graphics card the packaging is sturdy and high quality, standing up to even the most demanding shipping adventures.

Multiple views of the card itself. Note the DirectCU II cooler, twin fans, solid state Super Alloy Power capacitors, big heatpipes and single 6-pin power connector. That last one means great compatibility with modest power supplies in the 400W-500W range.

Nice connectivity with HDMI, DisplayPort and two DVI. Excellent for multi-monitor setups.

One look at the underside of the PCB and you’re reminded of all the precision, knowledge, and science that goes into making a card like this. Truly amazing!




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