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The announcement that we’ve all been waiting for from ASUS is going to take place today in Berlin. Yes, today we will find out what the specs and awesome of the latest ASUS Transformer (at least I hope it’s one of that series) at the press conference. I am rather keen to find out what has all the features they’ve been boasting about on Facebook.

Let’s recap.

It’s got the power to transform your possibilies…

ifa 2013

It can transform your mobility? A new generation is coming, but which product?

ASUS Transformer

They will transform your perception…

ASUS Transformer

You can transform your creativity! Oooh, I see a pen in the future.

IFA 2013

They transform your flexibility. Now, apparently, there are magnets involved. How exciting…

IFA 2013

When will you find out? Any minute now, folks. Stay tuned for I will update you.

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