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There was never much doubt about the fact that ASUS would reveal some new world firsts at Computex this year. I can’t even say that I have a personal favourite really, they’re all pretty much awesome.

ASUS Computex

The first device is another in the hugely successful Transformer line. It’s the Transformer Book Trio that boasts a screen of 11.6 inches, Android Jelly Bean, docks with a keyboard that’s known as a PC Station, and transforms from a powerful tablet to an impressive all-in-one solution. It’s worth noting here that trend analysts like Gartner have been predicting a shift from the standard desktop to the portable one for some time now and this keyboard with a 750GB hard disk and an Intel Core i7 Haswell processor is spot on trend.

Other noteworthy extras include the fact that the keyboard has Windows 8 and can connect with another type of display to function as an independent unit, and that it will, like its predecessors, increase the battery life of the Transformer Book Trio by quite a margin. There is also the Tegra-4 driven Transformer Pad Infinity at 10.1 inches of gorgeous and powerful glory worth looking at – it’s just as well suited to the rigours of office work as the Trio.

Next up is the Fonepad Note FHD 6 with a dual-core 1.6GHz Atom processor, a high-resolution display, 2GB RAM and, of course, apps and working capabilities. Another device that appeared in the ASUS Computex 2013 line-up was the MeMo Pad HD7 and the lovely, and strangely mesmerising, ASUS VivoMouse. The latter is just beautiful and is one of the first to be released with a touchpad built into the device. How gorgeous is this?

ASUS Computex

The VivoMouse works like a charm with Windows 8 and handles a range of touch controls such as swipe, pinch to zoom and scrolling. It will look stunning with an all-in-one setup in the living room, or just as a little treat for you to enjoy every day at work.

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