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IFA, the global innovations show, is about to arrive in Berlin amidst much glitter and fanfare. Of course, ASUS is going to be there and there have been some very interesting updates on their Facebook pages over the past few days.


Since Friday 30 August we have seen tantalising pictures alongside a blood pumping countdown to the announcement itself. Our first image stated that We Transform Your Possibilities along with a notebook, a monitor and a drinks tray (complete with coffee and wine). What does this mean?

Commentators guesses range from a waterproof Transformer tablet to the Transformer Trio. What’s your guess?

ASUS Transformer

On Saturday August 31 ASUS Transformed our Mobility with a teaser shot of a tablet sliding out of a very sassy looking case. How many days left before the big unveil? Four!

Then yesterday, 01 September and the start of August and all things Halloweeny and Christmassy and fun, we saw the teaser that boasted We Transform your Perception. Only three days to go until the final reveal takes place marked off on the side of the image.

ASUS Transformer

Today, as I write this post, there are only two days left before ASUS tell us what the latest Transformer will look like, what components it will boast, and what new features they’ve managed to squeeze inside. I am pretty much willing to bet that it there is going to be at least one world first in there somewhere, or at least one slice of innovation that nobody expects.

If you take a look at the comments on the last teaser post on Facebook you’ll see even more guesses about the nature of this new beast. Could it be the new Pad Infinity or the Transformer Book? Take a read of the comments and see if your guess is on the list and add it in if nobody else has had your idea. Join in the debate and let us know what you think!

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