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ASUS has always been a gamer favourite, and with good reason. From their superior motherboard designs that have held firm and steady for years, to their RoG branded gaming kit that spans the interior and exterior workings of the gaming machine, they have delivered products that are reliable, steady and, above all, driven by performance.

ASUS Matrix Radeon HD 7970

The ASUS Matrix RoG 7970 Platinum card is yet another notch in their belt and it also shows how ASUS continue to cater to the hardcore and the devoted. Not all manufacturers care this much about a market that’s as niche as this one has become.

The RoG Matrix HD 7970 is a lot like a hot, buttered brussel sprout. It’s pretty, it’s good for you and it drips features like butter onto your gaming plate. Yes, that’s a terrible analogy, but this close to Christmas I think we deserve a festive food moment.

You get the extreme overclocking options with a TOP selected GPU factory set to 1100MHz along with the VGA Hotwire and TweakIt interface and the fan speed settings. DIGI+ VRM and Super Alloy Power components form the basis of the power structure and GPU Tweak is all about putting control into your hands. I particularly like the one-press VBIOS reload option in Safe Mode so if you have experimented just that little bit too far, one smack of this button will reset the ASUS Matrix RoG 7970 Platinum to the default settings. Perfect for life’s little emergencies…

Alongside the plethora of overclocking and tweaking features you also can enjoy PCI Express 3.0, the latest AMD technology including the Eyefinity, HD3D and DirectX 11 support. Engine clock speed sits at 1100MHz with GPU Boost and 1050 at base, and memory clock is 6600 MHz.

ASUS Matrix Radeon HD 7970

The reviews coming in from sites such as and place the voltage options and power phases as the best in class. And PC World gave it an astonishing five stars for performance and design, among other things. In fact, if you just enter the name ASUS Matrix RoG 7970 Platinum into Google, and follow it with the term “review” you’ll see that this card is getting great reviews pretty much across the board.

It may be a costly investment, but that’s exactly what it is, an investment. You will be able to enjoy years of overclocking and gaming appreciation with the ASUS Matrix RoG 7970 Platinum, and for at least a month you can wake up and excitedly run through to your gaming den to wish it good morning.

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