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ASUS set the world on fire with the ASUS Eee PC in 2007. What made this device stand out and cause a ripple in the tech world that would soon become a tsunami, was it’s unique set of features: small, light, built with SSD, incredibly cheap and using Linux. Oh yes, this was a major turning point as people realised that consumers were quite happy to use the open source operating system and that they did not find it too daunting or complex. It also revealed a huge gap in the market for devices that were small and light enough to handle the commute and work. Portable and efficient, the netbook was a turning point.

Of course the technologically gifted did a happy dance and the netbook revolution began on the steps of ASUS HQ. It spread across the globe with speed and soon netbooks were everywhere and almost everyone had one.

ASUS Netbook

Then things began to change as netbooks got bigger and more powerful. Soon the difference between them and some notebooks were not very clear. Tablets began to slink into the minds and markets with touch, beautiful screens and pretty apps, and the ultrabook casually stepped into the gap between the notebook and the tablet. Where did the netbook fit now?

According to DigiTimes ASUS is looking set to stop producing the netbook in the near future. While no other device can compete with the netbook’s functionality at its price point the tablet has taken the lead.

If this news is accurate, and may not be, it leaves a sad little lump in my throat. I can remember unwrapping my first netbook, buying one for my husband for Christmas, tapping away at the keys and falling in geeky love. The netbook inspired an era and without it I don’t believe the market would have made the leaps and adjustments that it has to get it where it is today.

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