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If you, like me, have friends or family affected by Hurricane Sandy, you’re probably wondering if there is an easier way to keep track of the storm and the news around the storm than consistently refreshing Google News.  Fortunately there are several apps that you can download onto your Android tablet that will help you stay on top of this insane weather.

Hurricane Hound is a free Android app that comes with adverts. This app uses Google Maps as its backdrop and tracks Hurricane Sandy using both forecasts and actual locations. This app is used for people tracking hurricanes across the Atlantic and East Pacific, but has definitely come into its own with the advent of Frankenstorm.

Hurricane Software is another free Android app (also with ads) that gives you the chance to view hurricane co-ordinates, high-resolution maps, satellite images and the latest warnings.  The Weather Channel has its own free app that can be customised to your location and others and gives up-to-date information on the weather. It’s a standard app for the normal day, but it is just as effective for tracking Hurricane Sandy as it roars across the US and Canada.

Many people have absolutely no power now, thanks to Sandy, and their mobile devices are their only link to the outside world. The Red Cross app for Hurricane Sandy helps people to monitor conditions in their area, gives advice, and you can let people know if you are safe, even when the power is out.

This is one of the most powerful storms to hit the area in decades and the people who live there are experiencing awful conditions. I just want to wish them all good luck and I hope that the storm soon stops and that everyone stays safe.


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