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While much of the news and hype surround ASUS’ presence is around their tablet and portable offerings – the Taichi, the U500VZ ultrabook, the Transformer Book and the Windows 8 tablets –  there is one chap that has stepped onto the scene at IFA that’s worthy of more than just a casual nod of recognition. That’s the RoG TYTAN CG8890.


Just look at it. Doesn’t the mere sight of those red panels, that curved room and almost Transformeresque design make you feel like you have slid back 20 years and are a sprightly young gamer all over again? It certainly does for me. I would have thought myself the ultimate in cool bringing this beast to a LAN party back then, and I still would today. In fact, even without knowing the specs, I have developed a WANT for the TYTAN CG8890.

And what has this PC got packed away inside at its IFA 2012 launch? Well, it has the Intel Core i7-3960X six-core processor, the Nvidia GeForece GTX 690, the Xonar DX sound card, dual 128GB SSDs set to RAID0 and a two terabyte hard drive.

The CPU is liquid cooled, the Rampage IV Formula motherboard forms the foundations, and you get 16GB of 2,133MHz DDR3. But wait, there is more. The PC chassis actually transforms. Ohhh, yes it does. As with all these models, you merely need tap a button to overclock them, but with this TYTAN the tap of the Speed button not only automatically overclocks all six cores to 4.2 GHz, it also transforms the case to open up for the 10-way air cool design feature and, obviously, this is totally brilliant.

If you haven’t seen this on the official RoG site yet, visit them now as they also happen to have a video showing the transform feature off, and it made me want the TYTAN CG8890 PC even more.

And in honour of my retro PC gaming, LAN party attending self, the heading is from a very famous movie from the 80s. Recognise it? I have changed it a bit… Pop your guesses below.

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