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Photo editing apps for ASUS TransformerNot only am I lucky enough to have the ASUS Transformer Infinity under my reviewing wing this week, but I also have the ASUS Transformer TF300T, a nifty little tablet that has completely won my heart. What I love about this TF300T is its size and weight, it is ideal for snapping shots on the go.

Many people ask me how on Earth I could use a tablet to take photos. Why not use a phone or a camera, they ask? Well, the answer is simple – when I am on a working trip I travel light so why take three gadgets when I can take one? And, for that reason, I have uncovered four apps that make editing and using images on the ASUS Transformer TF300T a dream, a doddle and a lot of fun.

1. BeFunky

This app is available in Free, which is always nice, and has had some excellent reviews from users. Originally optimised to work with the Android phones you will find that it doesn’t make as much use of the desktop real estate on your tablet as it could, however, it has enough effects and extras and fun editing tools to make it a worthy addition to your app collection. You can also share photos instantly with all the usual social media suspects, add photoframes, and play around with effects.

2. Adobe Photoshop

This app is not free, but it won’t set you back a small fortune and it is utterly fantastic. This touch-based photo editing platform has so much to offer that it is well worth the £6.99 for the photo editing nut. You will have to undergo a bit of a learning curve but, honestly, you’ll love what you can do with your shots when you’re done.

photo editing on ASUS Transformer3. PicSay Pro

This  is an incredibly popular Android photo editing app that is utterly genius. It is also one of the rare ones that has support for Android tablets,  specifically my lovely ASUS Transformer. You can sharpen, remove red-eye, crop, straighten and even do odd things to people’s heads. Yes, the Android photo editing world is your mollusc with this app.

4. Aviary Photo Editor

When I saw that this one was up for release I thought it would definitely be worth a go and I’ve found it to be on a par with services like Instagram, albeit slightly better in some respects. It isn’t as fiddly, for one thing, and it has more effects and features for adjusting your images. Take a look at this one if you are keen to use an Android photo editing app that doesn’t break the bank but has lots of fun stuff included.

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