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Windows RT is basically Windows 8 built for mobile devices that are running with the ARM architecture from ARM Holdings. It comes pre-installed and isn’t an upgrade – this is an entirely new form of Windows – and a big plus for many people is that Office on Windows RT is free.

Windows RT has been created to only run on ARM powered devices so you can’t shift it across to x86 devices and expect it to work, but it does sport the same interface as Windows 8 with the tiled scree. One thing that the Windows RT system cannot do is move into desktop mode except for a few of the Microsoft apps.

The differences deepen when it comes to productivity and software. While you do get Office preinstalled for free on Windows RT, there are only Word, Excel and PowerPoint to choose from, and there are limitations on the APIs that developers are allowed to use which impacts on web browser functionality significantly. In fact, Internet Explorer is the only one to have the features that we’ve grown accustomed to as users.

ASUS Vivo Tab RT

What’s really important to note here is that Windows RT is a very limited version of Windows 8. You will find that it is compatible with plenty of these apps, but not all of them, and that it will not run any desktop Windows applications except for those already built into the system, like Word, Paint, and other such gems. There is no Windows Media Player and there is no Outlook.

The system has been primarily designed to work with mobile devices and to deliver a really fast, smooth and vibrant experience to people who want gadgets that sit in between the tablet and the PC which allow them to both work and play without too much hassle.

Windows RT is not for you if you want to set your system up like a traditional PC with access to all the usual programme suspects. Then you need to tune into a Windows 8 device. Windows RT is for you if you want mobile performance with a very tidy set of features that ensure productivity and functionality on the go.

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